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contok aplikasi IS7 WEB

What is WEB Tension?
- It is a thin, long or continuous material, with enough flexibility that enables it to be changed to various forms. Some examples include film, textiles, paper, foil, steel wire and nonwoven material.  The converting industry involves processing the material from one form to another.  Converting may include a number of production processes such as embossing, coating, printing, laminating, treating, slitting, punching, sheeting, die cutting, calendaring, drawing, winding and unwinding.  The material is transferred from one roller (rotating cylinder) to another, and a web that is wound in roll form is also called a “roll” in the converting industry.
What is Winder system?
- A winder is “any of various machines for winding material.” To wind is “to encircle or to cover with something pliable.” Pliable is a relative term. Similarly, unwind means “to remove from tension, to uncoil, to wind off.”
- The most important factor at winder system is Tension Feedback which is related to Dancer and load cell.

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