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The QC35s are basically a pair of QC25s with Bluetooth in them, and from the outside it’s difficult to tell the two apart unless you know what you’re looking for: they’re a slightly different colour – available in plain black or silver rather than two-tone colours – and the right cup has three control buttons, an LED and a microUSB slot.<p>

They look nearly identical to the company’s wired P5 on-ear headphones and with vaguely retro styling including chromed rods and black leather ear pads.<p>
If you listen to a lot of vocals-centric and acoustic music, I would probably seek something with a flatter bass profile, but the moderate bass bump works well with many other music types.<p>

Cue the music for Monoprice's new entry into the fray: a closed-back, on-ear (and for some, over-the-ear) headphone with a removable and interchangeable cable for $69.<p>
I seldom take the time to roll them up and put them away properly.<p>


The left ear cup has a 2.<p>
They sound better via Bluetooth than via a cable when powered off, however.<p>

They also have quite a lot of oomph, which is good, because they have very limited isolation, meaning the music has to be quite loud to be able to hear it over the noise of screeching train wheels for instance.<p>
The cable is not as microphonic as many I've used, but if the first couple of inches rub against anything, you will hear it.<p>
The EP3's MSRP is $179; however, these in-ear monitors are available right now for an introductory price of $99, and the final street price will likely be somewhere between the two.<p>

I was rewarded with a level of dynamic slam, especially in the mid and low bass, that rivaled any in-ear I've used.<p>
There simply aren't many headphones of any style, let alone a full-sized over-the-ear design, that don't have some serious compromises, either in sound or build quality, when you get down into commodity-priced cans.<p>

Every audio firm makes a top-of-the-line product that is referred to as its "flagship" product, but rarely is that product priced under $100.<p>
With my iPhone 6, one button push will pause/play music or answer/end a phone call, two button pushes will advance to the next track (there's no track-reverse), and press-and-hold launches Siri.<p>

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