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Although the E1001's cable is not removable or replaceable, it was engineered to be strong.<p>
The Triple Drivers are the latest and greatest effort towards this goal.<p>
The new consumer electronics company 1MORE has done exactly that.<p>
They do not sound as good as a set of audiophile-grade £300 wired headphones, but most people will love them.<p>

Under the right ear cup are three typical click controls for volume up, volume down, and play/pause/skip.<p>

It’s a shame they do not isolate the listener better from ambient noise and a lack of NFC for easy one-tap pairing is strange.<p>
In comparison with the E1001, the SE215 has a much darker overall sonic character without the inner details, faster attack, and soundstage differentiation of the E1001.<p>

The QC35s are basically a pair of QC25s with Bluetooth in them, and from the outside it’s difficult to tell the two apart unless you know what you’re looking for: they’re a slightly different colour – available in plain black or silver rather than two-tone colours – and the right cup has three control buttons, an LED and a microUSB slot.<p>

The Bose QC35s are the best noise cancelling headphones money can buy right now, and arguably the best Bluetooth headphones too.<p>

The Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphone is not the most comfortable over-the-ear design I've ever worn (the AudioQuest NightHawk is my current fave), but it is sufficiently comfortable that I did not feel the need to tear the headphones off my head after an hour.<p>
If you put a decently recorded track into them, you get more than acceptable sound out the other end.<p>
0's capabilities and what changes are typically made during the mastering process in order to bring the sound back closer to the intended profile.<p>
Let's look at this modern miracle.<p>

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