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The new $300 JBL Everest Elite 750NC over-ear headphones offer the latest Adaptive Noise-Cancelling (ANC) technology, improving upon their predecessor the Everest Elite 700.<p>
The simple fact is that the HE-560 needs power to perform at its optimum level.<p>
They get the midrange right, they have decent and controlled bass, and they lack any nasty treble spikes.<p>

The BackBeat Sense sound great for a light 140g set of Bluetooth headphones.<p>
The Monster app provides numerous EQ settings for a large variety of genres, as well as specific artists.<p>

After a lot of listening to the DNA Pro 2.<p>
When connected to a DAC, they will deliver all the power and scale worthy of a high-end hi-fi product.<p>
I suspect that many owners would have preferred a nice hard-sided portable travel case.<p>
With nine different fit options, 1MORE tries to successfully cover all ear-canal shapes and fit preferences.<p>
Terence explained that much of the music we listen to is mastered to work with a wide variety of systems and that the Monster Sound Experience application will restore the sound to the producer's original intended profile.<p>

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