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Women wholesale headphones Men Mobile Phone Iowa IA .
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The headband design has not changed.<p>

I've written before about the importance of the fit in achieving optimum performance from any set of in-ear monitors.<p>
They’re expensive for non-fashion headphones, and they might not make you look like Dr Dre, but they’re worth every penny if you commute by public transport, struggle to concentrate in an open plan office, fly anywhere or just want a bit of peace and quiet in your life.<p>

They look nearly identical to the company’s wired P5 on-ear headphones and with vaguely retro styling including chromed rods and black leather ear pads.<p>
The DNA Pro 2.<p>

During my testing, the headphones lasted for around 18-hours of listening from a two-hour charge.<p>

What, no wires?
So far everything is the same as the wired variant of the P5, but its when Bluetooth and playback controls come in that Bowers & Wilkins starts to falter.<p>

BackBeat Sense are some of the most comfortable on-ear headphones I have worn.<p>

What’s very cool though is you can pair two devices and seamlessly switch between them by pressing play on the device you want to use.<p>

The Monster DNA Pro 2.<p>

Lastly, like other Monster headphones, the headband folds in order to store the headphones in the included soft pouch.<p>
You'll notice that.<p>

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